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Beach Towel Manufacturer Announces To Supply A Wide Range Of Personalized Towels With Custom Prints

Beach Towel Manufacturer Announces To Supply A Wide Range Of Personalized Towels With Custom Prints

Qihai Textile Co.,Ltd shows how towels can be used for branding and promotions by supplying clients with personalized towels with custom prints, logos, brand message and all.

One of the largest professional towel manufacturers in China, Qihai Textile Co.,Ltd invites clients on their website to glimpse through an extensive range of towels they can manufacture and supply. They have cotton towels, polyester towels, microfiber suede towels, and other varieties.

According to the company spokesperson, they are a reputed beach towel manufacturer with the capability to produce printed beach towels in different colors and with attractive designs. Besides offering a large product range, they also offer clients an option to personalize towels as per their own design specifications. A client can choose to include different patterns and also their logo or any brand identity. Besides custom designs, the company can also produce towels in different sizes to meet the requirement of every client.

Beach Towel Manufacturer Announces To Supply A Wide Range Of Personalized Towels With Custom Prints

The spokesperson of the beach towel manufacturer reveals that they generally make towels that weigh around 450g, but other weights are also possible as per the client’s demand. The color and prints can be customized retaining 100% quality of the towels. The spokesperson maintains that besides attractive looks, these towels are designed to offer a soft and cozy experience to every user. The microfiber fabric of the towels can quickly soak as much water from the body to make it dry. The towels are washable and the color and patterns of the color remain new-like after multiple washes.

Besides custom designing, the beach towel manufacturer also pays a great deal of attention in packaging towels. All towels are packed in bags or cartons as per the client’s request. These towels are warm and soft and are suitable for bath and travel. Priced reasonably, Qihai Textile Co.,Ltd can supply towels to hotels, resorts, pools and other bulk customers. According to the spokesperson, customers can also choose towels for their home and also for the gifting purpose. One can explore the complete range of towels the company supplies by visiting their website

About Qihai Textile Co.,Ltd

Qihai Textile Co.,Ltd is a Printed Beach Towel manufacturer with well-equipped testing facilities and a strong technical force. The company has 20 years of experience in the production of Beach Towel. The company’s beach towels are available in a wide range of colors, textures, and designs. They can supply all kinds of Beach Towels and can also supply personalized towels that meet the size and design related specifications of the client.

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